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Cromwell Halfcrown, 1658
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SunandAnchor - Linking Rarity and Price

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Guide Prices May 2020-1
Cromwell 58 HCR
Unite, 1657
Halfcrown, 1656
Price Note
Grading Boxed Faked

Grading -    Counterfeit                                            Fine (F)                                Very Fine (VF)                     Extremely Fine (EF)

Auction Results

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Recent Auction Hammer Prices

September 2017

Yearly Price History for Commonwealth Hammered Silver, all denominations.
Yearly Price History for Commonwealth Hammered Gold, all three denominations.
Price History for Milled Cromwell Coinage, 1656 and 1658.

Above Plots -

Show 20 years of Price History for three groups of Commonwealth coins. The Price Guide has been balanced to match the 20 Year Average Price. That price for each group is substantially higher than the 2020 prices but still represents only the average over 20 years in real terms.


Price Ranges and Rarity this Century - 2001 to 2020 - for coins graded Very Fine

Price Range May A
Price Range May B

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