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Oliver Cromwell

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Sun Mintmark, 1649 thru 1657
Anchor Mintmark, 1658 to 1660
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Medals and Seals of the Commonwealth

Very interesting silver medal of Oliver Cromwell executed by an unknown artist in Geneva as an emulation of Thomas Simon's official medal celebrating Cromwell's elevation to the Protectorate on 16 December, 1653. This medal must have been executed a little later than that of Thomas Simon. Obverse: Three-quarters bust of Oliver Cromwell in plain falling collar, armour and scarf with fringe and looped on right shoulder. Legend: OLIV . D . G . R . P . ANG . SCO . ET . HIB . PRO. Under the bust - T. S. (for Thomas Simon). Reverse: A lion sejant, laureate, supporting the shield of the Protectorate:- 1 and 4. Cross of St George, 2. Cross of St. Andrew, 3. Irish harp. On an escutcheon of pretence, the paternal coat of Cromwell. Legend: PAX . QVAERITVR . BELLO. (Peace is sought by war.) See "Medallic Illustrations" vol. I, p. 410/46.

1653 Oliver Cromwell Silver Protectorate Medal


Commonwealth (1649-1660), naval reward medal, Thomas Simon’s medal dated 1653.

The Dunbar Medal; issued to officers and men after Cromwell's victory at the Battle of Dunbar, 3 September 1650.

Silver Dunbar Medal and the Naval Medal of 1653.

Commonwealth Naval Medal, 1653 in silver (56x51mm) by Thomas Simon.


1653, Oliver Cromwell ('The Lord Protector Medal')

by Thomas Simon
silver medal, 1653
1 1/2 in. (38 mm) diameter

1651 Great Seal of England that features both the Parliament Session with Oliver Cromwell and a Map of England.

Funeral Medal in gold

A Dutch copy in gold of the Simons medal given to dignatories at Cromwell’s funeral.

Oak Tree with stump which is thought to represent his son Richard.

A silver medal marking the funeral of Cromwell complete with ring mount.

Death Medal - design variant.

Death Medal design variant with a more fuller tree, shepherd, village and tree stump to the front believed to represent Richard Cromwell. Uniface.

Copper Cromwell Death Medal
Cromwell Silver Death Medal, probably of Dutch Origin.